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PO Box 214
Para Hills SA 5096

25 Wilkinson Road
Para Hills SA 5096

Fax: (08) 8395 7720
Mobile: 0407 024 421
After 4pm: 0402 007 979 



Board Members

Moss Buchanan (Chairperson)
John Dawson
Jeff Alexander
Bill Miller
Leeann Wilson
Greg Haynes
Kerry Hill
Michael Pascoe


Nomination Forms

Modified Sedan Title

Street Stocks Title

2014 Junior Sedan Title



Speedway SA Season Calendar

State Track Directory

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Borderline Speedway
Princess Hwy Mount Gambier SA 5290
Murray Machining & Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway
Kennett Rd Murray Bridge SA 5253
Riverland Speedway
Stuart Hwy Renmark West SA 5341
Speedway City
Supple Rd Virginia SA 5120
Sunline Speedway
Ziegeler Rd Waikerie SA 5330
Tolmer Speedway
Golfcourse Rd Bordertown SA 5268
Westline Speedway
Iron Knob Rd Whyalla SA 5600

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